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Imran Khan will win?
Published By sks on 2013-03-28 203 Views

The general elections of 2013 in Pakistan will hold a lot of surprises for participants and voters alike.Imran khan the chairman of his own party PAKISTAN TEHREEK-E-INSAAF or PTI will be contesting these elections on 4 national assembly seats himself.

It has been decided that the former cricket player will contest from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Mianwali.

Imran Khan boycotted the previous elections but in 2002 won the NA seat of his home town Mianwali.

The PTI parliamentary board has decided to field Imran Khan from NA-126 Lahore, NA 56 Rawalpindi, NA-1 Peshawar and NA -71 Mianwali. it can be concluded that Imran Khan will definitely win his home town seat again that is  NA-71.

In general elections of 2008 NA 126 Lahore was won by PML-N candidate. The Peshawar seat NA-1 was won by ANP and it is very likely that it will retain this seat due to sympathy vote. imran khan will not be able to win in Peshawar. The real contest for the 'great khan' will be on NA 126 and NA 56. The lahore seat may in the end fall in the lap of PPP as it has procured a seat adjustment with PML-Q and both have a sizeable number of voters in that constituency. an educated guess is that the NA-126 will be a tough one for all contestants.

If Imran Khan desires to win on two NA seats it is more likely that he can win from NA-126 rather than NA 56. however there is little doubt that Imran Khan will successfully damage the PML-N vote bank in rawalpindi too. In my humble opinion the final result of NA-126 Lahore will be in favour of Imran Khan or PPP by a very slim margin. The PML-N has less hope of retaining this particular seat.

NA-56 will not be won by the PTI unless a major swing takes place. it will however definitely show that PML-N vote bank has reduced.

so in conclusion Imran Khan will definitely secure NA-71 Mianwali and can win NA-126 Lahore. the other two seats will not go in his favor. But you never know what may happen!

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